About Us

Mercy Medical was founded by Nahed Sobhy, M.D. in August 2003.

With 20+ years of experience in Emergency Medicine, and 10 of those at Shands at Lake Shore, Dr. Sobhy witnessed the rapid growth of Lake City and the need for better, quicker service for minor emergency care. She realized that Urgent Care centers are the solution to provide relief to overcrowded emergency rooms and long waiting hours. Caring for the minor urgent patient at an Urgent Care Center will enable the Emergency Room to better function in caring for the critical patient and other true emergencies. This will serve the community better and help bring medical cost down for all.

Since it opened Mercy Medical’s team, lead by Dr. Sobhy, have provided high quality medical services with speed and cost effectiveness to the community for over 10 years. Her staff and family are continuing the mission she started of delivering care with quality and compassion for the community she called home for over 30 years.